17 19 year old dating gourmet dating

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All the “sex” we had do not have any penetration involve.

He would even show me a video with all the different sex positions and try it out with me.

For me, she don’t even care, not even talking to me.

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At home, while my parents are not around, he will rub his penis against my vagina. When I ask him to hold my hands while I sleep, he would ask me to clench my fist lightly and then he poked in hands in and out of fist.

My mother asked me if anyone have touched me, I was really afraid and I told her no. Once, I was lying down and he ask to let him touch my vagina, I rejected him and he lifted up my leg and started rubbing it quickly for about 10 sec then he let go. He become angry and bang his head against the wall. This went on for about 4-5 years and he stopped asking me to let him touch me.

I wasn’t very fascinated and I went out of the toilet.

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