Cam chat sex teasers

by  |  20-Nov-2017 18:13

These are the only two places I know that doesn’t do fraud, chargebacks, and doesn’t give me a hassle what’s mine is mine and it’s your tribute in my purse for sure.I will provide you a tracking once payment has been made when I ship your copies out to you.Each magazine I am selling separately but I am doing a deal if you buy both of them together.

Cam chat sex teasers-8

Soon as you know it you will be jerking off and cumming to all of my magazines like weak person you are addicted to I Love Janelle.

I might return into the adult scene who knows but for now we are branching out in the magazine/modeling world stay tuned for more magazine covers and features. Oh to those who has a wife/girlfriend and can’t have a magazine sent to them I will take photos of the magazine and send them to you to jerk off in the email I guess because your jealous bitch wife/girlfriend wouldn’t like me on the wall fucking bitch oh well but you know what to do get to the tributes NOW.

I want you to stroke to my long legs, feet, and my big beautiful ass.

I made some teasers you love to see me in dominant outfits don’t you!?

I will be posting a booty worship video as well be on the lookout for that in February.

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